The post-field

Recall the sentence structure template. The following sections deal with the post-field. First up, the different ways of constructing phrases that can be passed as arguments to a verb.

Determiner phrases

Since Toaq only has verbs, there are a number of determiners to turn those verbs into things which can appear in argument position. The following table lists them:

determiner + verb(al complex) → argument
Determiner Meaning
the X (previously bound)
sa some X
tu every X
tushı each X
tuq all X
sıa no X
ke the X
hoı the aforementioned X
baq X in general, X-kind
which X
ja λ (lambda)

(For an explanation of ja, see the section on properties.)

Once the syntax is understood, most of the determiners should be self-explanatory. However, a few deserve further inspection:

The determiner “which” is Toaq’s primary way of asking wh-questions:

(For more examples of , see also the table dealing with question words in this section.)

The determiner baq creates references to kinds:

Determiners without overt complement

It is possible to use determiners without an overt complement. The complement is then analogous to an implicit rảı “thing”. This rule does not apply to the tone, because it needs an overt complement as a carrier.

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