Toaq has the following conjunctions:

Conjunction Meaning
ru "and"
ra "or", "inclusive or"
ro "exclusive or", "either ... or ..., but not both"
roı "plural and", "together with"
"or?", connective question

These conjunctions can be used in infix form and in prefix form. For the infix form, they are simply placed between two compatible constituents.


For the prefix form, the helper particle to is placed before the conjunction and between the connected consituents:

to + conjunctionconstituenttoconstituent
Type Infix Form
Verbs lẻo ru tải
"try and succeed"
Arguments súq ru
"you and I"
Adverbs ru nãi
"then and now"
Prepositions nèo ru gùq
"on and under"
Prepositional phrases shìu nûosho jí ru bìe shîesho jí
"before I fall asleep and after I wake up"
Relative clauses chö hóa baq rủa ru süaojıe hóa máq
"who likes flowers and who cares about them"
Statements chỏa súq na ru hủosı jí
"You speak and I listen"
Type Prefix Form
Verbs to ru lẻo to tảı
"both try and succeed"
Arguments to ru súq to
"both you and I"
Adverbs to ru to nãı
"both then and now"
Prepositions to ru nèo to gùq
"both on and under"
Prepositional phrases to ru tì náokua to nèo tóqfua
"both in the bathroom and on the table"
Relative clauses to ru chö hóa baq rủa to süaojıe hóa máq
"who both likes flowers and who cares about them"
Statements to ru chỏa súq na to hủosı jí
"You speak and I listen"
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